DaCRA Members

Membership of DaCRA

The key members of the research academy have from the beginning been enrolled as PhD-students and their counsellors. Later on came the undergraduate year students of research who now are established at the 3 faculties. In the mean time there is a certain need for more cardiovascular research workers to be employed by the research network: Master’s thesis students and undergraduate research workers, candidates who are not PhD-students, educated PhD´s, other postdocs, lecturers, and professors who are not officially counsellors.

The board has therefore decided that everyone who is employed in the cardiovascular research area can be accepted as a member of DaCRA. However, there is still being distinguished between key members (e.g. PhD-students, year students of research and counsellors) and “other” members as the first category can attend the PhD-courses and sommer conferences of the research academy without paying a fee.

Supervisors, Undergraduate, PhD-students, Guest professors, Other Members