DaCRA News November 2011


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Content in short (see details below):

1.       Call for symposia at the DaCRA Summer Meeting 2012.


2.       Symposium on “Arterial Stiffness” December 2011


3.       Symposium on “Elevated Blood Pressure, Target Organ Damage and Risk Stratification in Relation to Hypertension” January 2012


4.       Cardiovascular Imaging April 2012


5.       Ion Channels Symposium May 2012


6.       Cardiovascular Research Seminars – Spring and Fall 2012


7.       PhD course in Cardiovascular Physiology September 2012


Symposia call for the DaCRA Summer Meeting 2012

The meeting in 2012 will be held at the Sandbjerg Estate 13-15 June and will consist of symposia, keynote speakers and free oral presentations selected from the submitted abstract. The meeting has been approved as a PhD course and 4.2 ECTS points will be awarded to participating students.


To make the meeting a success, we very much depend on suggestions for symposia and invited speakers from YOU! Please try to bear in mind that the participants are a mix of scientists with basic science as well as clinical background, which should be reflected in the symposia. Symposia typically contain 4 invited speakers combined with some selected presentations from the submitted abstracts.


Suggestions for symposia should contain a title and list of suggested speakers with tentative titles. A good mix of clinical and basic science presentations is encouraged and a short motivation would be appreciated. For keynote speaker suggestions, please suggest a title and a short motivation.


Suggestions should be submitted to before December 5th.


Symposium on “Elevated Blood Pressure, Target Organ Damage and Risk Stratification in Relation to Hypertension”, Odense, January 2012

For program and registration see


Ph.d.-students who wish to participate and receive 1 ECTS point, must sign up via e-mail to Michael Hecht Olsen on before  1/12 2011.


Symposium on “Arterial Stiffness” December 2011

Friday December 2nd, 11-19; WP25.111, Winsløwparken 25, Odense


The theme of the symposium is methods for evaluating arterial stiffness, highlights from this year’s Artery conference, current research in Denmark and more.


Final program at:


Members of the interest group ”Karstivhed”: Free; Non-members: 200 DKr


Acceptance as a PhD course is pending with 1 ECTS point for participation.


Registration by e-mail to



Cardiovascular Imaging April 2012

This course covers important theoretical and practical aspects of methods in Cardiavascular Imaging. The purpose is to provide the participants with knowledge of advantages and pitfalls of these methods during morning lectures and to demonstrate methods during afternoon practical sessions. Complete course program is also available at


Form: lectures and demonstrations and practical work. Homework required. Knowledge Review.


Please see details at:


Ion Channels Symposium May 2012

Keywords/topics covered in the course:  Ion channels in arrhythmia; Ion channels in metabolic disease; Calcium channels in health and disease; Posttranslational modifications - emerging novel regulatory pathways of ion channel function.


Participants are expected to read review articles by the presenting international scientists as preparation to the course. Further, participants are asked to write a report (1-2 pages) in which a detailed account is given for two of the talks given at the course. The report should contain a short summary of the content, an evaluation of the presentation and statement why the talks were chosen for this report.


Please see details at:


Cardiovascular Research Seminars – Spring and Fall 2012

The Cardiovascular Research Seminars is a course comprising four lectures in the spring and four lectures in autumn semester 2012. The graduate students will be introduced to critical reading of scientific publications, and get insights into current cardiovascular research in internationally renowned laboratories as well as industrial research. Besides this, students will be introduced to the scientific form of meetings with researchers from their own and related fields of research.


International guest speakers from academia and industry in the fields of cardiovascular research will present recent findings. Cardiovascular Research Seminars focus on important topics in cardiovascular sciences. The main objective of these meetings is to present new front-line research and technologies that have major impact on biological, biomedical and physiological sciences.


Please see details at: (spring) and (autumn).



PhD course in “Cardiovascular Physiology”

3-7 September, 2012, Sandbjerg Manor, 4.9 ECTS


PhD students enter their study with variable knowledge of cardiovascular physiology and it is therefore essential that they are brought to a relatively advanced, common level of understanding that will enable them to critically evaluate the physiological relevance of their project. The ‘Cardiovascular Physiology’ course aims at providing students with a thorough knowledge of the complexities of the integrated cardiovascular system.


The course will consist of a mixture of lectures (covering topics such as functions of the circulatory system, cardiac metabolism, blood pressure regulation, characteristics and functions of cardiac and vascular cells, cardiovascular pharmacology, experimental models, atherosclerosis and thrombosis), project-based group work (centered around cardiac and vascular pathophysiology) and student-based presentations in plenum (poster presentations & presentation of group assignments).


The course is free for all PhD students enrolled at the University of Copenhagen or at a University associated within the “open market agreement”. The deadline for enrollment is June 1st, 2012.


Please see details at: